“THEY’VE SHOT FLANIGAN has set a steady beat in the heart of Indianapolis music for nearly a decade. They’re never shy about lending their music to the new, burning sounds of 21st century rock, but their tactics are lock, stock, and barrel old-fashioned. No internet marketing campaigns, no MySpace friend recruitment operations – just well-written albums and searing live performances.” – MarchToThisBeat.com

“THEY’VE SHOT FLANIGAN has a larger than life sound…unlike many indie bands, they execute their slower songs with as much skill and creativity as their faster ones. And they put on one hell of a show…I cannot understand why they aren’t way bigger than they are now.” – Girl at the Show

“They have the ability to put their audience in those moments of suspense you feel every time you watch an intense movie that’s about to hit its peak. Between you and me, it’s those moments of intensity that I crave; those moments where you can send your thoughts to a distant place where nothing can touch them and the artistic you can run wild.” – IndyConcerts.com

“THEY’VE SHOT FLANIGAN casts caution to the wind as a gunslinger would in a fight to create one of the most ambitious efforts the scene has seen in some time.” – IndyConcerts.com

“Every track takes me to a deeper, darker place than I have ever been.” – RickyLeePotts.com

“The rare arguments in the studio are rooted in the passion they share to make this an excellent album. They really want this album to prove who they are as a band: unique, abstract, and untraditional.” – IUPUI Student Media

“The newest album from Indianapolis sensation THEY’VE SHOT FLANIGAN, The Outlaw is a bold step into matured craftsmanship. Where the lyrical concept is effective in its themes of a life of crime to redemption and then back again, the musical concept carried throughout creates something not unlike a movie of epic proportions. In many ways this band has created a modern day symphony by creating songs that stand alone greatly, but add up into a musical concept revisited throughout. Heavier than their first endeavor, this album will please the heavy metal fan and surprise those who favor melodic sensibilities in that these craftsmen can accomplish both. Quite frankly, this project is too impressive from a band known by too few.” – Matthew Frost

“If there is ever a band that deserves your attention, it’s THEY’VE SHOT FLANIGAN.” – SoundsThat Matter.com

Since 2002, Indianapolis-based THEY’VE SHOT FLANIGAN have been tirelessly writing, recording and touring, establishing themselves as a strong and consistent presence in the Midwestern rock and roll scene. With a sound that is deeply rooted in classic rock and heavily influenced by contemporary independent and progressive artists, the band makes music that is simultaneously dark and catchy, heavy and melodic, intense and contemplative. “They are adept songwriters,” writes Louise Sinclair of Girl At The Show, “with the kind of mature, put-together sound you’d expect from a major artist.”

THEY’VE SHOT FLANIGAN have released two EPs and two full-length albums, the most recent a 10-song concept album about the life and death of a gunslinger, recorded with engineer Seth Henderson of Always Be Genius studios. The album was released on December 10, 2011.


Zachariah Stonerock – Vocals
Gabriel Stonerock – Guitar
Brad Johnson – Bass
Mason Simmons – Drums


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